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  • Known for its incredible opportunities, stunning parks, diverse real estate options, and convenient location, Puyallup is one of the top places in Washington to live in.
  • With its outstanding weather, diverse work opportunities, and distinguished school district, it’s no wonder why Puyallup, WA is one of the most coveted areas in the Puget Sound region.
  • From cultural landmarks to signature festivals, there’s no shortage of things to see and do in Puyallup, WA. The city’s downtown area is a memorable and educational experience for all.
  • Puyallup, WA has amazing neighborhoods and property types to choose from. Vintage farmhouse-style houses, Craftsman homes, and luxury properties are just some of the available homes for sale.

While there are many places that claim to have the perfect mix of modern conveniences with small-town comfort, few live up to the hype like Puyallup does. As one of the oldest cities in Washington State, Puyallup has a long and rich story to tell—from its earliest days a productive agricultural hub to emerging as one of the most coveted places to live in the sprawling Puget Sound region today.

Part of Pierce County, Puyallup is ideally located near some of the biggest cities of the Seattle Metropolitan Area. It lies just 10 miles east of county seat Tacoma, 12 miles south of Auburn, and 17 miles south of Kent—all of which are easily accessible by a quick, 15- to 30-minute drive.

It only takes about an hour to travel from Puyallup, Washington to Seattle, with a distance of roughly 36 miles northward. Meanwhile the Washington State capital of Olympia is just 33 miles to the west, which is roughly 30 to 40 minutes away by car.

Puyallup’s convenient location is helped by its access to important highways: Washington State Route 512 bisects the city, connecting to the Valley Freeway (State Route 167) in the north and State Route 7 and the Interstate 5 highway heading west. The area is also served by the Central Puget Sound Regional Transit Authority’s Sounder commuter rail system.

Because of this incredible accessibility, Puyallup is a popular destination for young professionals looking to buy homes. But this doesn’t mean that Puyallup is all work and no play. While already a thriving city with diverse economic opportunities and top-rated education, Puyallup boasts a lot of charm by keeping its rural character and agricultural legacy intact. It’s also home to its fair share of highly anticipated events, such as the Washington State Fair.

In addition, this 14-square-mile area is surrounded by exquisite natural attractions in practically every direction. Puyallup, WA is nestled cozily along the foothills of the Cascade Mountain Range, making views of the majestic Mount Rainier—the highest peak in the range—are a common sight along the horizon. Puyallup River flows across the northern portion of the city, emptying into Commencement Bay in the northwest.

Puyallup is home to 42,361 residents, according to US Census Bureau’s 2019 estimates.

A brief history of Puyallup

If you ever hear local residents proudly calling Puyallup “The Land of the Generous People,” that is in reference to the area’s original inhabitants, the Native American Puyallup tribes. This name translates to “generous people,” which is a nod to the indigenous inhabitants’ hospitable demeanor.

The Scottish surgeon William Frasier Tolmie was the first to discover and explore the Puyallup Valley region in 1833, but it took another 20 years for European settlers to arrive and build communities in the area.

In 1877, pioneer and renowned hop farmer Ezra Meeker laid out plans to build a city on what was then a thickly forested and flood-prone valley floor. It was Meeker who named the place after its original occupants, doing the same with the river that kept the valley alive and flourishing.

In the following decade, Meeker’s townsite grew rapidly, anchored by his largely productive hop farm. Prolific flower and berry production also helped the place establish a strong reputation as a productive agricultural center. By 1890, Puyallup was incorporated into a city, with Meeker becoming its first mayor.

It’s also worth noting that Ezra was not the only Meeker to play an influential role in history. His wife Eliza contributed greatly to the women’s suffrage movement of the mid-1800s—an important legacy that is commemorated and celebrated to this day at the Meeker Mansion Museum.

As the 20th century dawned, the addition of rail lines kept Puyallup growing, much like many other urban centers in the emerging Puget Sound region.

Homes for sale in Puyallup, WA

If you’re considering the Puget Sound region as the location for your next home, the city of Puyallup is an excellent choice to make it happen. This real estate market boasts its fair share of fascinating finds, ranging from timeless and painstakingly restored historic homes to more contemporary new developments.

With prices hovering around the $595,500 range on average, houses in Puyallup come at a premium price compared to the rest of the United States. However, homes here are still more competitively priced compared to other locations in Washington State.

Either way, Puyallup rewards you with an exceptional way of life, making every dollar you’ll spend on your new house well worth the investment.

Puyallup neighborhoods

The Puyallup housing stock covers a wide area, including zip codes from 98371 to 98375. The neighborhoods in the city have varying qualities that make them appealing to a similarly diverse range of homebuyers. People who enjoy a vibrant, eventful lifestyle will enjoy neighborhoods near downtown, for example. On the other hand, there are neighborhoods that have a decidedly more suburban feel, providing residents with tranquil and relaxing surroundings that make the most of the location’s impressive surroundings.

While looking into homes for sale in Puyallup, WA, many buyers are also drawn to the South Hill census designated place, a territory situated just south of the Puyallup city proper. Here, you can find a wide array of single-family homes in modern planned developments, including houses custom-built to showcase the area’s most stunning views. This CDP is also popular among shopping enthusiasts, thanks to its selection of local boutique stores and retail centers.

Puyallup house styles

When it comes to house styles, homebuyers are sure to be impressed with the options available in Puyallup. Those with an affinity for history will be impressed by the selection of Craftsman, Ranch, and vintage farmhouse-style houses in this market. These homes truly lend an air of authenticity to Puyallup’s distinctive Old Town appeal.

Make no mistake though. There is no shortage of new homes for sale in Puyallup, WA. Contemporary developments have significantly expanded the range of options that homebuyers can find in Puyallup. In fact, the majority of Puyallup homes comprises structures built from the 1970s onward. From this selection, you can now choose your ideal home from a variety of condominium and townhouse complexes, especially if you are looking for a home with exceptional bonus amenities.

Puyallup is also an outstanding place to search for a luxury home. With sprawling, gorgeous natural surroundings and breathtaking views around the valley, prime real estate options abound for high-end buyers.

Real estate investors have opportunities to maximize here, as well. Beautiful Puyallup homes in prime locations make for lucrative vacation rental properties, or at least the perfect second home for your regular getaways.

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Living in Puyallup, WA

Cost of living

Like the whole of Washington State, Puyallup has a higher cost of living compared to the United States average. While the premium price of real estate in this city is the major factor that pulls up the cost of living index, other important living expenses like utilities and health services are comparatively cheaper here than the national average. Meanwhile, groceries, goods, and services are only slightly more expensive than the mean.

One thing is for sure: the premium cost of living in Puyallup is merited. The exceptional life of comfort and enjoyment that you can get from living here is one of the best things worth putting your money into.


Puyallup, WA boasts outstanding weather throughout the year, thanks to its Oceanic climate. Residents experience all four seasons without being subjected to extreme drops or rises in temperature. The winters, for example, may be cool and wet, but snowfall occurs minimally. On the other hand, summers can be dry and warm, with temperatures reaching 70 to 80 degrees—just warm enough for a rejuvenating trek at your favorite outdoor destination.

Economy and employment

Puyallup’s thriving and diverse economy is anchored by a labor force of approximately 19,500 professionals. Most of the city’s workers belong in the retail trade, health care, and manufacturing industries. The highest paying industries are private business management, utilities, and public administration.

In terms of the most common types of work, office and administrative jobs lead the pack, followed by sales and retail jobs and managerial jobs. The highest paid professionals in Puyallup are those involved in computing, engineering, and the sciences.

What’s even better for Puyallup residents looking for economic opportunities is that this city is well-connected to other thriving urban and commercial centers in the Puget Sound region. Those who are willing to bear the daily commute can find plenty more opportunities in cities like Tacoma, Olympia, or even Seattle. Thankfully, the public transit system is comfortable and efficient enough to fill the need for those who prefer leaving their car at home to avoid getting stuck in traffic.


A strong, highly rated school system adds another dimension to Puyallup’s notable appeal among homebuyers—in this case, specifically families with school-age children.

The Puyallup School District is one of the largest public school systems in Washington State. It is also one of the most established, having been formed in 1854. It operates 39 schools and serves more than 22,800 students from pre-Kindergarten to Grade 12. Some communities in the neighboring South Hill CDP, as well as from Tacoma and Edgewood are also zoned to schools run by the Puyallup School District.

For higher education, high school graduates can enroll at the local Pierce College or venture out to University of Washington’s Tacoma campus or the Pacific Lutheran University located also in Tacoma.

Parks and recreation

Being located amid breathtaking natural areas works very well to Puyallup’s favor. Local residents have an abundance of outdoor destinations to go to for a casual hike or a full-fledged camping adventure.

But for those who can’t spare the time for a lengthy excursion, the city’s exceptional parks system is more than enough to fill the need for relaxing and reinvigorating green space.

Pioneer Park, for instance, is a beloved hometown attraction. Located downtown, it features a statue of city founder Ezra Meeker and is home to the annual Puyallup Farmers’ Market.

Bradley Lake Park is another notable example. Not only does this sprawling 59-acre open space offer long stretches of walking trails, various sports courts, and beautiful picnic spots, it also includes a 12-acre lake where kids, seniors, and persons with disabilities can go fishing.


If you are the type who makes sure to see and experience your hometown’s most notable historic and cultural landmarks, you are sure to be delighted here in Puyallup.

Start your personal field trip at the Meeker Mansion Museum. Preserved, restored, and managed by the Puyallup Historical Society, this house celebrates the legacy of the city’s founder Ezra Miller, as well as his wife, the distinguished suffragette Eliza Meeker.

Another place worth spending an entire afternoon exploring is the Paul H. Karshner Memorial Museum. Doubling as a natural history museum, as well as a center for culture and the arts, this Puyallup attraction is owned by the Puyallup School District, making it an ideal complement to the traditional, classroom-based learning experiences that this city has to offer.

Even a casual walk in downtown Puyallup can be a memorable and educational experience, if you know where to look. The entire city center is a historic site which features vintage buildings that date back to Puyallup’s earliest days.

Events and activities

This city certainly is no stranger to revelry, thanks to its long list of signature festivals and community events. Be sure to keep your calendar updated when you buy a home in Puyallup, WA. You’ll never want to miss out on any of these upcoming events:

  • Washington State FairFirst held way back in 1900, the former Puyallup Fair is the largest annual event in the Pacific Northwest. It even earns a spot among the world’s biggest community fairs. This annual festival celebrates the agricultural and pastoral heritage of the Puyallup Valley region. Music and other live performances, delectable food and drink, and enjoyable amusement rides make this state fair one of the most anticipated events in Puyallup year in and year out.
  • Puyallup Farmers’ MarketEvery spring and summer, Downtown Puyallup sets the stage for its annual Farmers’ Market, giving the Valley’s most prolific producers the perfect place to showcase their wares and mingle with the local community. Not only is this an outstanding place to shop for fresh vegetables and fruits, flowers, and local delicacies, you can also enjoy live entertainment from talented local performers.
  • Puyallup Farmers’ MarketEvery spring and summer, Downtown Puyallup sets the stage for its annual Farmers’ Market, giving the Valley’s most prolific producers the perfect place to showcase their wares and mingle with the local community. Not only is this an outstanding place to shop for fresh vegetables and fruits, flowers, and local delicacies, you can also enjoy live entertainment from talented local performers.
  • The Daffodil Festival ParadeAn explosion of color and fragrance takes place every April as Pierce County celebrates its annual Daffodil Festival, with a Grand Floral Parade serving as its main highlight. The parade travels across four cities—Tacoma, Puyallup, Sumner, and Orting—and features nearly 200 featured entries that include marching bands and beautifully designed floats.
  • Meeker DaysAn arts and music festival named after the city’s founder, Meeker Days is a Puyallup tradition that has delighted local residents and visitors since 1939. From its humble beginnings as an arts and crafts fair in Pioneer Park, it has become Pierce County’s largest street festival, covering a 15-block radius around Puyallup’s historic downtown.

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