Bonney Lake is an excellent example of how a place can embrace growth while preserving its compelling natural beauty. In this desirable semi-rural Pierce County city, peaceful living is the norm rather than the exception.

Located 16 miles east of Tacoma and less than 40 miles south of Seattle, Bonney Lake offers an irresistible suburban lifestyle with convenient big city access.

Bonney Lake has a population of 21,092 according to 2018 US Census estimates, a total that has more than doubled since 2000 (9,867). It’s not hard to see why.

Living in Bonney Lake means having exquisite natural wonders surrounding your home in practically every direction. The sparkling Lake Tapps is located directly north of city limits, while the majestic Mount Rainier proudly displays its glaciated peak on the southeast horizon. Aside from these popular natural landmarks, lush wooded areas abound within your immediate vicinity.

With these gorgeous natural features inspiring a warm and friendly small-town spirit that prevails to this day, Bonney Lake is a consistently attractive choice among homebuyers in the Puget Sound region.

People from all walks of life—from young and growing families to older adults seeking a satisfying retirement lifestyle—find it hard to resist the complete package that Bonney Lake offers.

Homes for sale in Bonney Lake, WA

The Bonney Lake housing stock offers a diverse range of options for every type of homebuyer. In addition to an array of detached houses of varying sizes, there are also townhomes and apartment complexes to consider. The timeless Craftsman bungalow is the prominent style in this housing market.

Some of the most coveted homes for sale in Bonney Lake, WA are in Tehaleh, a master-planned community comprising the southern portion of the city.

Tehaleh features beautiful and luxurious new construction homes that offer genuine connections to nature, capturing the distinctive essence of living in Bonney Lake. It comes as no surprise that it’s one of the best-selling residential developments in the entire Puget Sound area.

Life in Bonney Lake, WA

  • Cost of living Bonney Lake has a higher cost of living compared to the rest of the United States and is one of the more affluent parts of Washington State. The high quality of the housing stock is one of the main reasons for this. While this suggests that living in this city is more expensive than most cities across the nation, it is also indicative of a higher quality of life for local residents.
  • Education If you are moving with your family, the selection of excellent public schools will convince you that Bonney Lake is the ideal place for your next home. An impressive number of highly regarded schools are located here, operated by the Sumner School District (Emerald Hills Elementary, Crestwood Elementary, Bonney Lake Elementary, Lakeridge Middle, and Sumner Middle School) and the Dieringer School District (Dieringer Heights Elementary, Lake Tapps Elementary, and North Tapps Middle School).
  • Employment and economy The growth of Bonney Lake is anchored by a stable local economy where healthcare, manufacturing, and retail trade companies are the leading employers. Management, office administration, and sales jobs are the most common lines of work among professionals living here.
  • Weather Bonney Lake, WA weather conditions follow those of the western Washington region, which has a mild temperate climate. This means warm, dry summers and mild winters more associated with heavy rainfall instead of snow. Surrounded by towering trees and located near a vast body of water, your home in Bonney Lake is enveloped by comfortable, relaxing, and refreshing conditions practically all year round.
  • Recreation Bonney Lake is a great place to live if you love the great outdoors. And even if you don’t, your incredible surroundings will eventually convince you to try a hike or two at some point. Whether you choose to explore the trails around the nearby parks in your neighborhood, or decide to venture further out toward Mount Rainier, you will have more than your fair share of options.Water activities are also a great way to spend time when you live in Bonney Lake. You might find yourself getting into hobbies like boating, fishing, swimming, and water skiing with Lake Tapps close by.For quieter, more introspective moments, Bonney Lake also has a thriving arts and culture scene that provides you with a constant source of inspiration.

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