At first glance, Fircrest in Pierce County looks like an urban forest. As its name suggests, it’s home to a spectacular collection of old-growth fir trees that are scattered across this Tacoma suburb. This urban forest vibe gives Fircrest a laid-back and relaxed atmosphere. Combine this with the city’s crop of mid-century properties and you have one of the most idyllic small towns in Washington State, perhaps even the entire country. It’s no wonder Fircrest is dubbed the “Jewel of Pierce County”.

Fircrest is a small community located between University Place, Central Tacoma, and the West Slope. With Highway 16 skating right by the community, going in and around the area is a breeze. The entire city only has a total area of under two square miles, but it’s a lively place to live with an estimated population of over 6,844 people.

Although Downtown Tacoma is located just a short drive away, Fircrest feels like its own little world. It’s a safe and quiet city with a strong sense of community and a distinct charm. Some might even tell you that stepping into Fircrest seems like going back in time.

Did you know?

  • Fircrest was originally called Regents Park. This neighborhood was established in 1907 by a group of financiers from San Francisco. One of these fellows was Edward Bowes, more popularly known as Major Edward Bowes. Some of the streets in Fircrest are named after them and their Californian roots.
  • In 1925, Regents Park was officially incorporated. The name was changed to Fircrest. By this time around, the local population grew to over 300 residents.
  • A fire almost destroyed Fircrest in 1949. Although it ravaged about 150 acres of land, it miraculously left Fircrest intact and its homes unscathed.
  • It took around 65 years for the Town of Fircrest to become a city. When it did in 1990, Fircrest had grown not just in terms of population, but in size as well. Nine years later, the City Hall of Fircrest was built.
  • Fircrest was a “dry” city for a long time. In fact, it was the last “dry” municipality in the state. It was only in 2015 when locals finally voted to allow the sale of alcohol in the city.

Homes for sale in Fircrest, WA

There is a great variety of real estate options in Fircrest’s housing market. Although homes here cost five percent more than the state average, the median home value is around $637,500. Homes for sale are reasonably priced, whether you’re looking for a single-family home or a newly constructed townhouse.

Single-family homes make up a large portion of the market. There are the older ones, usually built around the 50s and 60s. These properties echo the popular architectural styles of that time period, usually mid-century modern. Other popular styles in Fircrest include Cape Cod and Craftsman. At the same time, Fircrest real estate also has an impressive selection of new construction properties in contemporary styles that still blend with Fircrest’s distinctive local character.

Living in Fircrest, WA

A+ in Amenities

For a rather small city that’s less than two square miles in size, Fircrest offers state-of-the-art facilities and amenities, such as the Fircrest Community Center. There are meeting rooms for social gatherings, a playground for the children, as well as a gym and a swimming pool for recreational use. Fircrest Community Center also serves as the heart of the local social life, with much of the city’s events usually held here.


Most of Fircrest is served by Tacoma Public Schools, with schools like Whittier Elementary School and Wainwright Intermediate School under their supervision. A small part of Fircrest is also served by the University Place School District (UPSD). Schools in and around the area that are managed by UPSD include Evergreen Primary School and Curtis Junior High School.


  • Fircrest Golf Club doesn’t only occupy a large chunk of Fircrest. It also holds a special place in local history. It was founded in 1923, making it a Fircrest institution with a golf course designed by Arthur Vernon Macan. Fircrest Golf Club is known in the area for having a challenging course. Some people have said that “if you play well at Fircrest, you could play anywhere.”
  • Skateworld Tacoma offers a good time for all age groups. They regularly host special themed events throughout the year, such as their highly anticipated New Year’s Eve Skate and the 80s Adult Skates.

Fircrest offers an outstanding quality of life that’s hard to beat in Pierce County. Join me today to explore all of your real estate opportunities here. Being in the Top 1% of real estate sales in the area and with over 38 years of experience, I can help you reach all of your real estate goals. Contact me today at 253.617.5922 or to schedule a consultation!

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